Unearthed: Dragon Dawn is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, run using version 3.5 rules and the E6 mod. There is 1 player and 1 dungeon master working together to create a unique story that will surprise them both.

The world is old. Many thousands of years old. Nations have come and gone. Cities have risen and fallen. Technology has been developed and forgotten. But one thing has remained constant: magic. Arcane forces throughout the land unleash destruction and unbind fruition. It is harnessed, used, and controlled. It is also untamed, misunderstood, and feared.
Magic is very common in the world in many forms: as magical creatures that in habit the unknown, as natural wonders scattered across the unexplored, and as an energy source used and abused. Though like all power of this world, there is only so much that can fit into a single vessel at one time, requiring the teamwork and cooperation of multiple mages to produce the most powerful affects people have come to know. And they know them so well that what was once exclusive vocabulary has fallen into the common vernacular. People are content with magic; they are familiar and comfortable with it. Many people have become reliant on the abilities and capabilities of wizards, so much so that technological development has become stagnant. And even more have turned to the arcane at the expense of divine power: shunning their gods in favor of the feats of mortals. In turn, the gods themselves have turned away from their peoples. Fierce creatures roam the countryside. Dark forces gather to plot destruction and chaos. Secrets lie in wait to be revealed.
Politically, the world is currently divided into many small nations – the result of a long passed breakdown of larger empires. Some of these borders coincide with racial divisions, though all have some level of intermixing. Peace is common, but so is tension. Wars wait on the horizon.
Adventurers are not unknown – many have made quite a name for themselves. Their exploits have become the subject of many well liked tales and songs. Through hard work, they have risen above the masses and taken on a responsibility greater than themselves: they tame the fierce creatures, stop the dark forces, and uncover the secrets. Together they have saved the world and its people many times over. But their work is never done.

Unearthed: Dragon Dawn